What can Urbana Ironworks do?

When it comes to their ability to do custom ironwork, Urbana Ironwork‘s fabricators are some of the nation’s best. Maybe it’s because Maryland has many old style homes that use wrought iron — but that can’t be the entire case, because our Maryland fabricators can work commercial grade iron into some amazing forms as well.

Ironwork is almost entirely decorative in nature these days, because most structural and other industrial iron pieces are crafted by machine, not by hand. Modern wrought iron is created using a variety of machines, but generally involves hot iron being molded before it cools. Hand-wrought iron is made by what most people understand as “blacksmithing” techniques; it’s forged on an anvil with a variety of hammers. Cast iron, on the other hand, is liquified, poured into molds, and then allowed to cool.

‘True’ iron Vs. mild steel
Almost all ironwork these days is not truly iron, but rather a form of mild steel. In most cases, that’s a good thing –  mild steel is less expensive, easier to work with, and more durable than true iron. If you’re a purist and you insist on the original, expect to pay more because you’ll have to get it imported from England.

Common Wrought Iron Projects
In  Maryland, the most common wrought iron projects are gates, fences, benches, and handrails. There are also quite a few pieces of custom ironwork in Silver Spring, mostly on the interior of private residences, including mirror frames, bed frames, and entire patio sets.

Uncommon Wrought Iron Projects
What most people don’t realize or understand about ironwork is that a fabricator has the ability to create iron objects of almost any size! Because custom ironwork can be fused together seamlessly, anything that can be made in pieces and put together on-site can be created and transported easily.

The short answer, to the question of “what can Urbana Ironworks do for us?” is “Almost anything!” Talk to Urbana Ironworks today about your ideas and find out just how easily they can become reality — you’ll be surprised.

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