Getting The Most Of Your Aluminum Rails

There are a lot of things that people might want in their handrails. Safety and security are usually the foremost among them, for obvious reasons — but falling in quickly behind those come beauty, durability, low maintenance, resistance to the elements, and customizability. If the top of your list is customizability and durability, then you’re looking for aluminum rails. Rockville has more than their fair share of corporate and private people that have and love their aluminum rails.

Durability of Aluminum Railings

The biggest reason our clients choose aluminum is the durability of the metal. Aluminum is impact resistant, retains its color and shape over time,  has the ability to handle Maryland’s various weather changes, and doesn’t require frequent maintenance that steel and wood require. Unlike steel or iron, aluminum doesn’t shrink in the cold or expand in the heat, which means that you won’t find microscopic cracks in your aluminum rails.

Aluminum Railings are Customizable

The second reason that people choose aluminum is its customizability. Aluminum rails are extremely easy to shape and can be formed to match any decoration or style. The powder coatings that are put on just before the rails are shipped can be made in a wide variety of colors and are put on after the aluminum is shaped, so they don’t interfere with the metal’s ability to match your decor — in fact, they enhance it.

A designer can work together with us here at Urbana Ironworks, and we can produce aluminum that can be worked in with other materials to create an entirely new look. We have created with bamboo, wood, tempered glass, cabling, cut stone, interior wrought iron — Rockville has done it all and then some. Even when it’s not the focus of the design, aluminum can add the sturdiness and functionality that building codes require while allowing a designer to be creative.

Contact us Today for your Aluminum Railings!

It really all comes down to finding the right metalworks and getting in touch with them during the design phase of your project — the earlier they get involved, the more they’ll be able to help you by customizing your aluminum rails to fit your needs exactly. Contact us today to get started!