Maryland’s Finishing Touches, Part III: Wrought Iron Handrails in Gaithersburg

Gaithersburg has embraced the use of iron throughout history. For instance, the city has historically decorated its public spaces with wrought iron handrails. While they may not always be easy to find in the city, there are longstanding example of wrought iron handrails installed by the city more than a century ago.

Much more commonplace are wrought iron rails and balustrades put in place by private homeowners looking to restore an authentic look and feel to their homes. (It’s actually a fairly common practice all over — installing wrought iron handrails in MD, that is.) A large part of the driving force behind the phenomenon is a recent interest in ‘polishing’ a home.

Polishing is the practice of attending to the details of a piece of work, whether it’s a video game or a pre-Victorian restoration home. The difference between a polished home and an unpolished one is like the difference between a school play and Broadway. The essential content is the same, but the details convey the content in an entirely different and much more impacting fashion.

Wrought Iron Handrail Usage in Maryland and Virginia
In a purely functional sense, handrails are simply a safety measure — that thing you hold onto when you climb stairs. Large, bulky rails leave less space for people to traverse the stairs — not always a big deal, but it can be. Handrails also need to be secure and hold up the majority of a large person’s weight — up to a few hundred pounds in the most extreme examples. Because they combine a slender profile with lots of staying power, wrought iron handrails are practical as well as being excellent polishing points for a restored home.

Wrought iron appears on handrails on interior and exterior stairs, balconies, patios, garden paths, and almost anywhere people can walk. Gaithersburg’s city parks, backyards, restaurants, and at least one shopping center all make ample use of the beauty and endurance of wrought iron handrails. Contact Urbana Ironworks today to learn how you can bring classic and timeless wrought iron into your home!